24 May

The vacation continues and so does the 10kdays Music by Numbers theme and I’ve reached number 10. The first song that came to mind is “Ten Story Love Song” by the Stone Roses. And of course, since it was the first thing to come to mind, it would be a song I’ve already posted about before. But then I remembered, Pearl Jam’s album “Ten”. There are few more substantial albums from the grunge rock era than that one. Much to my own shock and amazement I haven’t posted any songs from that album. The one I choose to write about is one that I remember coming home one day as a teen and finding my mom washing dishes and singing it. If you were ever to meet my Mom, you would understand how shocking an event that was. It’s also amazing because it’s such a well known without being a single. Pearl Jam believed that the song was too personal and “fragile” to be made into a single.

Song 564- “Black” by Pearl Jam


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