10 Jun

As expected, my trip to Texas makes my internet usual more than a bit limited but I’m devoted to getting out my song of the day. I missed yesterday thanks to bad weather, making my trip take an unexpected landing in Louisana. But here I am and I’ve got a computer to use and I’ve got a song in my head. What’s stuck there is the band Taken by Trees. They are a band that I know nothing about and since my web use is limited right now (I should be having breakfast and getting ready for training) I’m not going to look up any information on them. I apologize for not being the usual bastion of information. But I will always bring the excellent music. And there is nothing like a piano-heavy, female vocals laden cover of the Guns and Roses epic “Sweet Child of Mine”. If anyone out there wants to tell me some info on the band, feel free. Until tomorrow…enjoy. I’m off to take in some of the wonders of Texas.

Song 579- “Sweet Child of Mine” by Taken by Trees


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