11 Jun

I’m still posting out of hotel atriums in Texas. And I really have to run and grab some chow because I have class in less than an hour and if I bump into my co-workers…I won’t get a chance to eat. They will talk and they will talk. So here’s another quick post. Die So Fluid is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite bands. It’s going to take some more spins before I’m willing to place them on the same pedestal that I’ve placed bands like AFI, Rasputina, Made Out of Babies and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs but there is a hell of a lot of potential. I have get to hear a whole album from the band. Basically I’ve got a hodgepodge of stuff from their most recent two albums in my jukebox but I love hearing it all. And I like the stuff off their new album more than I do the stuff on their previous which is a good sign. You should love a band more over time because they’re growing as a band. They are getting better at working together and thus making better music. But like I said I’ve been enjoying all their stuff including the older songs like this one:

Song 580- “Disconnected” by Die So Fluid


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