17 Jun

I know you’re expecting some more about the band Devildriver but I think I’m done with that theme. Why? Not that I don’t dig the band, I just think that I wanna focus on something different right now- the bass. I wanna take the next few days to look at the musicians who decide to take up the four stringed beast and create the low register that helps move a song and give it foundation. I’m going to start off with Melissa Auf der Maur. Hole was a big part of my musical evolution. I grew up in the midst of the grunge era. It was a time where I actually owned albums (I since then learned to hate the album concept, see past posts about that) and I wore out my Live Through This album. I stole my wife’s Celebrity Skin album. Which album do I like more? I like the latter. The reason is Melissa Auf der Maur. On the former, the bassist was Kirsten Pfaff. Pfaff died of a drug overdose and Hole added Auf der Maur and the music gained another dimension. Take a song like “Malibu”. You’ve probably heard it a billion times, since it was a Grammy nominee. But here, listen to it again and focus on just Melissa’s work. It does so much to bring the song along. It adds to Eric Erlandson’s guitar and beautifully fills the spaces where Courtney Love’s voice doesn’t.

Song 586- “Malibu” by Hole

and here’s a live version. (bass galore!)


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