25 Jun

The album art theme continues with a simple fact- sex sells and that works with albums like it does with anything else. An example, I remember an album that came out about 1991. It didn’t have the band anywhere on the album cover. What it did have was a knife thrower’s assistant against her wheel. She had Tiffani Amber Theissen looks and was wearing a white body suit that so tight, she looked like she could’ve been part dolphin. When you get an image like that, it’s easy to forget what the band is like. In this case, the band was a pretty boy hair band with a lead singer whose voice sounded as if he had swallowed something jagged and it got stuck in his throat. But I bet there were a few guys who wore that album cover on their jackets back in the day without a thought to who the band was.

Song 594- “Up All Night” by Slaughter

And here they are live:


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