27 Jun

You know something. 10kdays just isn’t hip enough. In this big old blogosphere, how is a guy supposed to get noticed by just talking about a bunch of songs he likes. Of course, I’m kidding. But the blogosphere does serve one really good purpose, it has helped me find a lot of cool bands that I might not have heard of. I frequent a blog aggregator called the Hype Machine and often find a ton of new bands to try out. Well, I think it’s time that I give a little back. So for this next theme, I’m going to post about 5 bands that a lot of people haven’t heard of (or at least I haven’t). Often I’ve done this type of thing in 10kdays and I’ve called it a “Dig”. So we’ll give this theme, the Pixies inspired title- Digging For Fire.

Record companies are often a great way to find new bands to listen to. Find a band that you really like and then see if there are any bands of a similar vein on their label. Makes sense, right? Well, today I have begun listening to Made Out Of Babies’ album “The Ruiner” and there is a lot of music there for me to love (halfway through “The Mayor” is becoming the standout track). When MOoB was on Neurotic Records, they were surrounded by bands in a similar post-metal vein. But now MOoB is on The End Records. Will I find a band to enjoy there?

Well, the End Records already includes MOoB, Voivod, Lordi and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, which should be an indication of what I’ll find here. But it’s not. Proved me wrong. I found a shoegaze/drone metal band called Nadja. That was something to hear and interesting enough to warrant a mention. Same with the amazing musical hodgepodge of Estradasphere, who blend so many styles to today in one package it’s stunning. Is it classical? Is it metal? Is it country? Is it jazz? It’s all there. I am loving this record label.

So which band will light my fire today? Stolen Babies. Stolen Babies is a four piece band headed up by a female accordian playing lead singer, along with an upright bassist, a pianist, and a drummer (who also happens to be Dillinger Escape Plan). Where are the guitars? A four piece band without a lead guitar? Unheard of! (Stolen Babies does use guitar during their live shows but it’s interesting to see a band that isn’t basing their sounds around guitar like many other bands out there). They have a great sound which I think is best described by their label as “extravagant gothic/metal/carnival/rock” and they understand the idea of making the musical experience into a whole package. Their live shoes are very theatric and utilize a lot of art from amazing indie comic artist Crab Scrambly.

Can you beat a name like Crab Scrambly? No, you can’t.

Song 596- “Push Button” by Stolen Babies

(go to the End Records website and get the mp3)

and here is a badly recorded live version since there seems to only be badly recorded ones:


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