28 Jun

I had so much fun with my new Digging For Fire theme yesterday, I’ve been anxious all day to post and hunt for another new band to enjoy. So, first, I need to figure out where to look. Yesterday’s plan worked well so I’m going to stick with it. I took a band that I really like and then went to their record company and searched other bands. Yesterday, I used Made Out of Babies and found Stolen Babies. Funny thing is that I just realized the name similarity. Yesterday I was too busy being enthralled with the music. It may be harder to do with my other favorite bands. Rasputina is on Filthy Bonnet Records. The only bands on the label are Rasputina and Melora Creager (lead singer of Rasputina). The other band in my trinity of favorites is AFI. AFI is on Interscope. Unlike MOoB, AFI is on a major label, so there may be a very wide array of artists signed on. I may not find a band in a similar vein.

One quick look at the Interscope website shows me that I was write as AFI is listed amongst groups like +44, Black Eyed Peas and New Kids on the Block. I think I’ll need to go elsewhere if I wanna find some little known bands. Major labels are much better at advertising and exposure. Not all the bands deserve the notice but that’s the way the crazy music business works.

Well, AFI used to be on Nitro Records, a company owned by Dexter Holland of the Offspring. I like Dexter (I named a hamster after him) so why not take a look at his label. And look, I scored on the first try. I found a band called theStart. It’s a group that have been on the fringe of my radar but I haven’t actually heard. They have been on my radar because of their lead singer- Aimee Echo. Aimee Echo has actually earned a previous mention in 10kdays. Back at post #76, I posted about an old Korn demo of theme covering the Go-Go’s “This Town”. The other band on that demo was Aimee Echo’s old band, Human Waste Project. Since then she’s moved on to being the lead singer of theStart.

Of course, I would pick a band that’s no longer on the label. The Start have since moved on to Metropolis Records. Metropolis has an interesting line-up that includes electronic pioneer Gary Numan, the Birthday Massacre (see post 253), Electric Six (see post 560), KMFDM (see post 520 & 218), and the Mission UK. All sorts of good stuff. Electric Six stands out like a sore thumb a bit. All the others have a very dark and electronics heavy sound. That’s where theStart fits in. They sound like a gothy Garbage. I think that would be quite a fair assessment.

Song 597- “Wartime! (It’s Time 2 Go Now)” by theStart
here’s a fan vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9op7jzXIdRE

and here they are live and badly recorded:


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