29 Jun

Day three of Digging for Fire and I’m so far split on the results. Stolen Babies was a great find and I’ll be listening to a lot more of. I was already listening to some stuff that Aimee Echo is in before I found theStart but I’m unsure in they will be in my brainwash rotation. So let’s see how dig #3 goes. I decided to use a band I love as a starting point again. I chose Die So Fluid and their website directed me to two different websites- Parole Music and Cargo Records. Among a further look at Cargo Records, I found that Cargo Records isn’t really a record company. It’s a distributor of indie music. So that also means that there are tons of bands to be found there. And since Parole Music only has 4 bands, I think I have a better chance of success with Cargo.

But then comes the question of where to start. There are over 500 bands on the Cargo Records site. Well, I’ve had some success with female singers lately in the digs, so I tossed the word “female” isn’t their search engine. And of course, I found interesting results. For instance, I found the band Level C, an all girl metal band that claims to be heaviest in the world and may be right. I found an album called “Pigments drift down to the brook” which includes song titles like “Magpie will peck a whole in a plaster cast” and “Nostalgia was broken to pieces”. Then I found the genre searcher…

…so I decide to go for experimental. I’m a risk taker. And that risk paid off as I found something I like. Lately I have been listening to a lot of Kayo Dot and To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, which means I’ve been listening to a lot of music with a music of ambient noise and rock at the same time. And I found a band that fits in that vein. They aren’t as brutally rocking as Kayo-Dot can be at times, but they have some amazing instrumentalization that would easily earn them a space beside both of the aforementioned bands. The band is Halves and their music quite the beautiful web. I may not have kept of the streak of female vocalists but this is definitely a keeper.

Song 598- “Medals” by Halves

And the live version is definitely worth checking out, just so you can see how it all comes together.


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