30 Jun

I’m still digging for fire but I have no idea where I should search. And it doesn’t help that I’m distracted by the Middleman. Have you seen that show? It’s hilarious. It takes all the good of spy comedies like Get Smart, Inspector Gadget, Men in Black and Special Unit 2 all in one. I recommend it highly if you like a smart yet goofy comedy. Damn it’s distracting. Okay, I chose a record company at random. I chose Last Gang Records. Hmmm, it’s got Death From Above 1979 as an alumni. That’s a good sign. And it has Metric and the New Pornographers. That’s all sorts of good. So now just to look for a band….

Distracted! It’s got a cameo from the chairman from Iron Chef America. Holy crap!

Lucky me, the first band that I try out rocks. They are a band called Mother Mother. They are a Canadian quintet that seems to have 3 vocals, two female vocalist and one male and they sing at the same time alot. There are some crazy harmonies overlaying their power-pop-punk sound.

LOL! The Wu-Han Thumb of Death! I just watched the Chairman vs. 100 luchadores. Must return to 10kdays. Must stop laughing.

Lucky for me (again) they are a little well-known. Mother Mother has had a mention in Spin magazine and that mention included an mp3. Woo hoo. See, Mother Mother’s song “Touch Up” is unbelievable good. It’s got the experimental stuff that I dig but at the roots, it’s damn catchy. Good stuff. A successful dig.

Song 599- “Touch Up” by Mother Mother

And look ma, it’s a live track.


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