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31 Jul

The Back to the Drawing Board theme continues. Another reason that a music video is redone is because of censorship. Sometimes there is an understandable reason that a video gets censored such as full frontal nudity. I can understand that getting censored. But then there are times when censorship doesn’t exactly make sense to me. Take the example of Sophie B. Hawkins’ “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover”. The song isn’t “Damn I Wish I Was Your Girlfriend” or “Damn I Wish We Could Go To Prom”. The song is about wanting to be a lover. So when it came time to make a video, the video for the song was sexy. How sexy? Honestly…not very. Yes, there are dancers who are dancing in couples but it’s not like their doing the Lambada (remember the time period, folks). And Sophie may be dressed provocatively but she doesn’t wear it well. She looks like she’s wearing a diaper and a tube top. There’s no real reason to censor it, especially when the song is about lovers. But they did and the result was a music video of a live performance in a dingy warehouse with Sophie B. Hawkins dressed down in jeans and a flannel. It is devoid of sexy and I’m surprised it wasn’t the death knell for the song.

Song 630- “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” by Sophie B. Hawkins
Sexy version-
Neutered version-



30 Jul

Back to the Drawing Board week continues with the Smashing Pumpkins. Why did they have to go back to the music video drawing board? A simple mistake. The video was for the song “1979”. The video that most people know for the song is a classic look back at the teenage years. But that video wasn’t the first video. Both videos were done by the brilliant video team of Dayton & Feris (the same duo that did the movie “Little Miss Sunshine” and music videos for a bunch of songs I’ve posted about in the past). But the first video has never been seen. That’s because someone put the footage on top of their car and then drove off and lost it all! I bet that somebody somewhere has the long lost video for 1979 and in a decade, they’re gonna post that sonofabitch on eBay. But fate has a crazy way of making things work out and they redid the music video and it became an award winner. I still wonder what the original was like.

Song 629- “1979” by the Smashing Pumpkins


29 Jul

It’s theme time again. For the next five days, it’s Back to the Drawing Board. It’s all about that special instance when a band feels the need to re-do a music video. There are several reasons for this. Take for instance, one of all time favorite songs by the Cranberries- Ridiculous Thoughts. The song came out at a time where all their videos were being done by super director Samuel Bayer. The original video was no different. Samuel Bayer even got Elijah Wood to be in it. So what was the problem? The band saw it and said “WTF?”. They couldn’t understand the concept. And with the video with Elijah searching out for a radio signal and the band as carnival freaks, I complete understand the confusion. So, the band had the video redone into a live performance video. And they broke ties with Mr. Bayer. Bayer went on to make great videos for Garbage, Metallica, Green Day and The Strokes. The Cranberries…well, they aren’t doing as well. They’re currently on hiatus.

Song 628- “Ridiculous Thoughts” by the Cranberries
Original video:
Second video:


28 Jul

Yes, it’s bright and early on a Monday and there’s a new 10kdays post. Why? Because I just found a new Made Out of Babies live video!!! Made Out of Babies isn’t a band that has music videos and live videos of them are quite rare. So whenever I find a new one, it’s a happy day. And to promote their new album “The Ruiner” (which is a spectacular album and highly recommended by me), they went on the show, Fearless Music. I missed it, as I always do with the show since I can never ever remember when it’s on. But luckily for me they have their performances online and thus I have been enjoying seeing MOoB live and I’m passing on the good stuff to you.

Song 627- “Invisible Ink” by Made Out of Babies


27 Jul

It’s a chill out day. It’s a Sunday and not much is going on other than doing some website work and watching the finale of the Next Food Network Star. I think that Lisa is going to win. I hope she does because she’s given my house such comedy fodder. My wife calls her Katie Holmes. My housemate calls her a vulcan. And I call her an indian brave due to the way she puts on her make-up. Yeah, I know it’s wrong. But there’s an art to a good diss. Ever watch “Yo Momma”. It’s like insult Darwinism. Some people just can’t dish out a good slam. A few years back there was a song created all around the insult. Was it a good slam? You be the judge:

Song 626- “Mr. Personality” by Gillette


26 Jul

After the craziness of the Buffy theme, a few themeless days will do me some good. So I figure I’ll just post about some songs that are getting a lot of play on my jukebox lately. Ryan Bosworth is pretty new to the music video game. He was Video Effects director on Hawthorne Heights’ “Niki FM” video, which was quite nicely done. Now he’s moved onto directing his own videos. So far, he’s got two under his belt. One for Asobi Seksu and the other for a band called Faunts. Faunts is a Canadian band headed up by three brothers, and they have a sound that is layered with beautiful guitar work and ambience. I’ve been spending the last week listening to Faunts, Mars Volta, Made Out of Babies and To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie. The sounds you get out of all 4 of those bands in one set is unbelievable. MOoB brings the crunch, Mars Volta brings the energy while TKAPB and Faunts bring these dreamy (I hate using that adjective but it fits) sounds. I suggest to anyone to put on some headphones and check out these 4 songs together and you will feel experienced:

“Stranger” by Made Out Of Babies
“The Man With The Shovel is the Man I’m Going To Marry” by To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie
“Viscera Eyes” by the Mars Volta
Song 625- “M4 (Part II)” by Faunts

I mentioned Ryan Bosworth earlier because his video for the song is amazing. One of my new favorite music videos. Great effects and storytelling.


25 Jul

Okay it’s the fifth and final day of Buffy week and damn straight it’s been a struggle. I feel like this hasn’t been the best theme because the Buffy-verse hasn’t reached out to music as much as it could. There was the Bronze but the bands who played there never got more notice and the Buffy soundtracks seemed to be fluff pieces. There needs to be more of a Buffy music community. If the Harry Potter community can have a ton of music, why can’t the Buffy community? So I’m looking at you Buffy fans. I have no clue how many read my blog but I know it does end up in google searches.

Buffy fan, thannks for stumbling here. This is a call. Make some Buffy inspired music! Why not? At worst it can be incredibly campy and I’m all for camp. At best, there’s another good song in the word. Go for it!

Song 624- “This is a Call” by Foo Fighters