10 Jul

It’s new theme time and I want to do another theme related to music videos. But after showing interesting music videos, this theme will be “the song rocks, the video sucks ass”. There are many music videos that are really horribly unwatchable. But sometimes you get a great song that goes along with one and you feel stuck with it. Take for instance, “Big Wheel”. Tori Amos has had many brilliant music videos. I love “Spark”, the US version of “Cornflake Girl”, “Hey Jupiter”….there are so many really good Tori videos but I have no idea what happened here. Basically it’s a photo slideshow mixed with some clip art. When I saw it, I thought that it was someone’s bad fan video but I was sorrily mistaken. It’s Tori’s own bad fan video.

Song 609- “Big Wheel” by Tori Amos

and here, enjoy the show minus the crap


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