19 Jul

This is the thread where I mention bands that I like that I haven’t posted a song for in 10kdays. Many of these bands like Be Your Own PET were surprising oversights. Today’s is one that I didn’t list because of my attempts to hold tight to my indie cred. I’m talking about li’l miss American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. At first, I paid attention to her because she’s attractive and I liked her personality, but I was never a watcher of AI. In fact, I can’t stand AI. But then I got past the looks and stuff and got to listening to her music. I began digging the song “Miss Independent”. Then I heard Aggro-1’s remixes of Kelly Clarkson songs (especially the incredible “Behind These Immigrant Eyes” Clarkson vs. Led Zep) and I was convinced there was something to Kelly Clarkson. And don’t ya forget “Since You’ve Been Gone” which is the pop version of The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Maps”. And I gained more respect for her when she went off the beaten track and made the “My December” album. There were a lot of great songs on that album and it’s a shame that more people weren’t willing to give it a try.

Song 618- “Sober” by Kelly Clarkson


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