23 Jul

Buffy week rolls on. So far I’ve looked at music in Season 8 as well as bands who have appeared in Buffy. Both looks were fine and dandy but at the end of the day, it’s the music that appeared in the show that is really the most interesting part. I’m going to do an experiment here. I’m sitting in my dinner room alongside my wife and housemate who are both big Buffy fans and have watched the episodes far more times than I. I wonder if I play a song from the show will it immediately spark some kind of reaction. I know it works whenever I play “Chinese Burn” by Curve but how will it work with a song that isn’t as noteworthy. I’m going to shoot for a song from an episode I know that they know well. Okay, I tried with some that dog. Their song “Never Say Never” is in an episode from Season 4. I know the song but I can’t place a scene it was in. And neither did the unknowing participants in the experiment. Same thing when I play “Boom Swagger Boom” by the Murder City Devils. But I’m not giving up on seeing if I can spark some attachment to Buffy background music. I tried with Laika and that didn’t work but I must say they have begun kind of tapping along, so it’s hitting some subliminal. I know they can’t just be enjoying because the Laika song sucks ass. Okay, I’m trying with a Bush song. Bush, well-known band and the song was kind of noticeable. And the subjects are frozen in place. Yes, I think we have a subliminal touch. It’s as if they are trying to remember where they have heard the song from. Good. I’m going for the kill now, songs from the Tara death episode. Let’s see if any of these hit. I must say that the Alien Ant Farm song from that episode was bad ass. Dammit, even playing Sarah McLachlan’s “Prayer of St. Francis” which is definitely noteable doesn’t get much more than a stir. But hey, if I’m going to continue watching the subjects. If they decide to watch Buffy Season 6 tomorrow, then I know I have succeeded….

Song 622- “Stranded” by Alien Ant Farm

And here’s an acoustic version


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