24 Jul

Well, it looks as if the Buffy experiment didn’t work. In fact, that seems to be a theme of the Buffy week so far. I haven’t been able to find bands that successfully parlayed a Buffy appearance and I wasn’t able to pull off the experiment. I’m beginning to feel like despite the 8th season in comic form, there is still a disconnect. I look at fans of Harry Potter and they have bands that sing songs of HP. Are there Buffy bands out there. Not that I’ve found and I’ve looked. Where is the musical growth in the Buffyverse? A mention of music in the comics is cool but it’s not the same. There’s no more theme song, no Bronze….It’s almost sad. More on this tomorrow:

Song 623- “Bohemian Like You” by the Dandy Warhols

Why that song? Because it’s on the 2nd Buffy soundtrack “Radio Sunnydale”

And here it is live (so you can look at Zia! 😀 )


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