25 Jul

Okay it’s the fifth and final day of Buffy week and damn straight it’s been a struggle. I feel like this hasn’t been the best theme because the Buffy-verse hasn’t reached out to music as much as it could. There was the Bronze but the bands who played there never got more notice and the Buffy soundtracks seemed to be fluff pieces. There needs to be more of a Buffy music community. If the Harry Potter community can have a ton of music, why can’t the Buffy community? So I’m looking at you Buffy fans. I have no clue how many read my blog but I know it does end up in google searches.

Buffy fan, thannks for stumbling here. This is a call. Make some Buffy inspired music! Why not? At worst it can be incredibly campy and I’m all for camp. At best, there’s another good song in the word. Go for it!

Song 624- “This is a Call” by Foo Fighters


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