30 Jul

Back to the Drawing Board week continues with the Smashing Pumpkins. Why did they have to go back to the music video drawing board? A simple mistake. The video was for the song “1979”. The video that most people know for the song is a classic look back at the teenage years. But that video wasn’t the first video. Both videos were done by the brilliant video team of Dayton & Feris (the same duo that did the movie “Little Miss Sunshine” and music videos for a bunch of songs I’ve posted about in the past). But the first video has never been seen. That’s because someone put the footage on top of their car and then drove off and lost it all! I bet that somebody somewhere has the long lost video for 1979 and in a decade, they’re gonna post that sonofabitch on eBay. But fate has a crazy way of making things work out and they redid the music video and it became an award winner. I still wonder what the original was like.

Song 629- “1979” by the Smashing Pumpkins


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