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31 Aug

Okay, I’m going to end the lovely ladies of rock theme for now and I’m going to do something I did last year and take a look at the new TV season. I love TV and I’m usually excited when it’s time for the new season…except for this year. This year, I’m scratching my head and wondering if there’s anything that I’m going to watch. Let’s take a look network by network (non cable). First up, what’s going on over at CBS.

Well they cancelled Moonlight, Cane, Jericho, Kid Nation and some others. The loss of Jericho is a bad thing (the world always needs good sci-fi) but most of the other losses aren’t too bad. So what are they adding and keeping? There will be more Amazing Race, that’s good, and more Big Brother, that’s bad. There’s gonna be a lot of CSI as usual and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t usually watch except for Million Dollar Password and the Ghost Whisperer. And only one of those two things I watch for the entertainment. So what about new shows…well, there are some interesting new shows like Eleventh Hour (a very X-files-esque show about people who stop misuses of science) and The Mentalist (a show about a psychic cop). So who knows, maybe this will be the year that I give a damn about some CBS.

So what about some music, you say? The cast of the Mentalist includes Robin Tunney. Robin Tunney’s long movie career has included some flicks with very good soundtracks such as Empire Records, The Craft and End of Days. The latter included a Guns and Roses single. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the most recent G&R single. That’s so sad since it was released in 1999. (Have no fear, new single “Shackler’s Revenge” coming soon)

Song 658- “Oh My God” by Guns n’ Roses



30 Aug

Wow, this is a harder theme than I thought. I listen to a lot of female musicians but this is looking at them in a different fashion. It’s interesting though which is why I continue on. And next up is the band Within Temptation. Temptation, huh. When you have a lead singer as lovely as Sharon den Adel, it’s a very fitting name.

Within Temptation

I’ve seen quite a few lists of the “sexiest women in rock” as I’ve done research for this theme and I’ve never seen her on the lists. Why the hell not? It’s a travesty. Take a look at this cover they do of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”. It’s better than Placebo’s cover and of equal calibre to sweatysuedelips’ cover. And in this video, den Adel is a superstar. She’s captivating from the first moment she appears on screen in her angel wings.

Song 657- “Running Up That Hill” by Within Temptation

But how does she look without all the music video smoke and mirrors? Does she still captivate. Hell yes. Maybe even moreso. Check out the song live


29 Aug

During the original conversation that spawned this theme, Tori Amos came up. And one of the people basically said that he doesn’t like the music but he does love to watch her ride a piano bench. I found that a little creepy but I will admit that there’s always been a certain sexuality that goes along with Tori. Recent years she’s been more Mommy/Hippie Goddess but for a long while her sexy side was a considerable part of the package.


I’ve already posted about 3 Tori songs in this blog (“iieee”, “She’s your Cocaine” and “Big Wheel”). I posted Big Wheel because the video sucks. The other two I posted because of my love of the Choirgirl Hotel album. That means I have neglected the other Tori albums. And if I’m talking Tori sexy, there are a lot of places to go on the other albums. Take for instance “China”. Nothing like Tori is a skin tight outfit and crawling around. Actually, there is something that beats that. “Caught a Lite Sneeze”, the perfect mix of attractive Tori and brilliant song. One of my all time favorite songs.

Song 656- “Caught A Lite Sneeze” by Tori Amos

And look, it’s a live video for those who wanna see her at the piano…


28 Aug

I recently heard the phrase “Morningwood makes puppets sexy”. I knew what they were talking about but it still was a very disturbing statement. Morningwood is an awesome band. I don’t know how I got ahead of the curve with listening to them but I have been listening to the band for years now. and I used to read lead singer Chantal Claret’s many myspace bulletins back in the day before the band started blowing up. And now I see them on MTV all the time with their new song.

Chantel Claret

The band may be very diminished, down to its core of Chantal and Pedro Yanowitz, but the music is still good and Chantal’s powerful presence which is 1 part sexy, 1 part energy and 2 parts fun continues to be present. Their newest song “Sugarbaby” has a great video done with puppets. And that’s all I’m going to say because if you haven’t seen it, I’m not giving away any of the plot. It’s a you-have-to-see-to-believe video.

Song 655- “Sugarbaby” by Morningwood


27 Aug

One of my favorite albums of all time is “Sonic Jihad” by the band Snake River Conspiracy. The band had a lot going for it. It was the brainchild of Jason Slater, a former member of Third Eye Blind, who wanted to go a completely different route with his music. He hooked up with various talented musicians and then put the cheery on top with the addition of singer Tobey Torres.


The band had the sound which was a mix of rock and electronica. They had the look. They had the songs including a two well done covers (The Cure’s “Love Song” and The Smiths’ “How Soon is Now”, the latter of which I posted about at #509). But having all those pluses doesn’t mean you can keep the band together. SRC broke up for reasons unknown on two different occasions! Guess all that musical chemistry doesn’t all equal personal chemistry. But at least I’ll always have Sonic Jihad.

Song 654- “Strangled” by Snake River Conspiracy

This live video also includes one of my favorite YouTube comments ever, regarding how the band sounds live and the hotness of Tobey Torres:

White Zombie Syndrome. There’s so much production on the record that it’s prohibitively expensive to duplicate it live. Given the hugeness of this song on the CD, I think they did a pretty good job playin it live. But, more importantly:
Holy Jesus, she’s a piece of ass! Bathe her…and bring her to me!

I don’t know who you are fyresyde1066, but you get kudos from me.


26 Aug

Thanks LJ for making me miss a day due to the inability to log-in. Grrr.

It’s Day 2 of my theme- “My music is my hot hot sex” and I’m all about Bjork today. I just got a copy of Medulla. I’ve never owned the whole album. And the cover of Medulla is much with the sexy.


But that’s not surprising at all. She has always excluded incredible beauty and sexiness. Back at Post 471, I talked about the video for “Pagan Poetry” featuring a very topless Bjork. Back at #140, I talked about “Big Time Sensuality” which has Bjork at her spritely best. And at #141, I talked about “Possibly Maybe” which in my opinion is the most amazing visual love letter I have ever seen as Stephane Sednaoui portrays Bjork as the most beautiful woman in the world. So I have talked a lot of how attractive she is. So I figure I’ll center on how amazing Medulla is because beautiful without talent ain’t cutting it here. And Medulla is a great feat. The album is mostly mouth sounds but it’s so deep and complex. She never stops experimenting with her music and that’s the best thing about her.

Song 653- “Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)” by Bj√∂rk

And here it is live, which is fascinating to see


24 Aug

Okay shake to its foundations make have been an exaggeration but this is a new theme. It’s born out of a conversation over at my online home- Songfight! The conversation was about the use of sex appeal in music. Does a musician lose cred for being sexy? I never answered the question in the conversation. Well, my answer is no. So what? If they can back it up as a musician, go for it. For some people, sexy is just part of the package (as long as it’s not the whole package). I’m not gonna hate on Tom Jones for sexing up the ladies because he backs it with good music (I’m a Tom Jones fan). So, for the next few posts (and it may be quite a few if I enjoy the theme), I will be posting about several of my favorite sexy female musicians in a theme I call “Music is my hot hot sex”.


I figure a perfect place to start this theme is with Fiona Apple. I will never forget the amount of media fracas that came along with her video for Criminal. Mark Romanek is a very smart music video director. He did such videos as “Hurt” by Johnny Cash and “Got Til It’s Gone” by Janet Jackson. Both of those examples as well as “Criminal” include imagery that stick with the artists. Romanek made a vision of Fiona that was full of raw sex appeal. Maybe a little too raw in some people’s opinions as it was often compared with the Calvin Klein mid-90’s advertising. But it really played into the sensuality of the song. And Fiona sold it all the way, making one of the most unforgettable videos of the time.

Song 652- “Criminal” by Fiona Apple