30 Aug

Wow, this is a harder theme than I thought. I listen to a lot of female musicians but this is looking at them in a different fashion. It’s interesting though which is why I continue on. And next up is the band Within Temptation. Temptation, huh. When you have a lead singer as lovely as Sharon den Adel, it’s a very fitting name.

Within Temptation

I’ve seen quite a few lists of the “sexiest women in rock” as I’ve done research for this theme and I’ve never seen her on the lists. Why the hell not? It’s a travesty. Take a look at this cover they do of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”. It’s better than Placebo’s cover and of equal calibre to sweatysuedelips’ cover. And in this video, den Adel is a superstar. She’s captivating from the first moment she appears on screen in her angel wings.

Song 657- “Running Up That Hill” by Within Temptation

But how does she look without all the music video smoke and mirrors? Does she still captivate. Hell yes. Maybe even moreso. Check out the song live


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