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30 Sep

Okay I’m going to be honest here. I have never seen the video I’m about to post about. But I know it has a video done by Dean Karr, so it has to be good. But here’s the thing- it’s the song “The Wicker Man” by Iron Maiden. When it comes to Iron Maiden songs, this is the most badass song in my opinion. There are two versions of this song, one that was released for US comsumption and one in the UK. I first heard the UK version and it floored me with its strong guitar work. Then I heard the US version and I was flabbergasted- the guitars were moved down in the mix! But upon a quick look at the video- it’s based on the UK mix. So I’m psyched. Who would think that I would get a favorite Iron Maiden song in 2000?

Song 688- “The Wicker Man” by Iron Maiden



29 Sep

Yesterday I had to write and run because I couldn’t use my computer battery. It was a quick post, so let me say a little something about yesterday’s song. It was “Raise Kaiko” by Onmyouza. I’ve spoken about the band before in post #271. Raise Kaiko is an amazingly beautiful ballad that highlights Kuroneko’s haunting vocals. Onmyouza often splits their sound between male and female vocals. This time, it’s all about her and it makes for a brilliant song. I just wish I knew what the words meant!! If any reader can translate the song for me, I’d appreciate it.

Now onto a new theme. I tried to do a music video director theme on the Malloys but failed. I think I’ll try again but this time, a look at the work of Dean Karr. He is a great director for making the disturbing look slick and cool. His work isn’t as glossy as Samuel Bayer’s. It doesn’t have the humorous charm of the Malloys. His work is more similar to another director I’ve written about Floria Sigismundi, expect his work has very different feel to it. The first video I wanna talk about is one he did for the Distillers. He decided to take the band and place them in a sewer. The results was a dark vision that fit the song perfectly. And yet somehow was able to keep Brody Dalle looking hot. Dean Karr does have vision.

Brody Dalle

Song 687- “Drain the Blood” by the Distillers


28 Sep

I find myself in an odd predicament. I wanted to write about the Malloys and their music videos but I’m realizing that I’ve already spoken about most of their videos that I enjoy, whether during this theme or in previous posts. So, the theme is over. Hmmm. Well, I’m running out of battery power on my laptop, so I’ve gotta run. Here’s a random vid.

Song 686- “Raise Kaiko” by Onmyouza


27 Sep

If you read through 10kdays you can get a definite feel to the music that I dig. It’s pretty easy to tell that I love Made Out of Babies. I’m a fan of AFI, Rasputina and a lot of J-Rock. I lean towards the metal side of things and really enjoy a song with some good guitars. I listen to a wide range of songs (rare is the posted song that I don’t like) but you can still see that I’m a rock/alternative/metal kinda guy most of the time. Jack Johnson doesn’t fit my normal playlist. He may be an acoustic guitarist like myself but his laid-back style isn’t like mine. But he does have one song that I do like. And I would not have given it a chance if it wasn’t for the Malloys. The Malloys did the video for “Sitting, Waiting and Wishing” and avoided the generic “Hi, I’m Jack Johnson, handsome guy, sitting, playing the guitar” video. Sometimes it’s hard with Johnson. The Malloys have done other Jack Johnson videos like “If I Had Eyes” and it’s basically just that. Even their video for his song “Taylor” (which another Johnson song that I’m okay with, but that’s just because of a Norwegian Recycling mashup) which uses Ben Stiller still doesn’t escape the “Hi, I’m Jack Johnson, handsome guy, sitting, playing the guitar” thing. But The Malloys were able to overcome that for “Sitting, Waiting and Wishing” by taking a page out of Spike Jonze’s book. In 1996, Jonze took the Pharcyde and made what could’ve been a generic rap video and made it spectacular by doing it in reverse. The Malloys did the same with Johnson but also added more than a touch of chaos. And I’m not talking about chaos like the cute but hokey stuff found in Mute Math’s “Typical” video (also in reverse). You start off the video and wonder, what the f did they do to Jack Johnson.

Song 685- “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” by Jack Johnson


26 Sep

New theme time and I think it’s about time I did another music video director theme. This time I wanna look at one of the up and coming music video directors of the decade, The Malloys. They hit the scene in 2000 and ever since, they have put up some of the most original music videos around. In fact, I’m so impressed by some of their work that I don’t know where to start. Luckily I have already talked about some of the Malloys work like “A Taste of Ink” by the Used (Post #355), “Icky Thump” by the White Stripes (post #268) and Def Leppard’s “Now” (post #491). For today’s post, one of their first videos. The Malloys often tackle life in high school in their videos, such as their video for Student Rick’s “Falling For You” which could be the plot of any teen movie. Boy likes girl. Girl has scumbag boyfriend. Boy ends up with girl after hijinks. But that’s not really a memorable video. Now, their video for “Drowning” by Crazy Town starts in kind of the same way . Boy likes girl. Girl has scumbag boyfriend. Boy gets girl. Then it all goes awry from there…

Song 684- “Drowning” by Crazy Town


25 Sep

This is the end of the Video-Ex theme and I have to end with a classic that speaks for itself. You take the rocker of all rockers and hook him up with a burgeoning supermodel. Did it seem like a match made in heaven? Probably not. Stephanie Seymour had just finished a relationship with Warren Beatty and then moved on to date W. Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns & Roses. This just had epic fail written all over it. And it did fail and ended ugly. And what do they have to remember each other by? Not one but two music videos and one of them included a wedding scene. That’s the ultimate video-ex moment, but since I talked about that back at #11(!), here’s the other video.

Song 683- “Don’t Cry” by Guns & Roses


24 Sep

There are often times in life when you look at a couple and you say…how did those two end up together. Look at me and my wife for instance. She’s 5 feet tall. I’m about 6’3″. At first glance you may wonder, how did they end up together. You have to look beyond the surface. And I guess the same can be said for the couple in today’s post. One is a girl who I swore was a boy when I was kid. That someone is Courteney Cox. I’ve saw that Bruce Springsteen video as a kid and said to myself “hey, he pulled a boy out of the crowd”. Yes, the wonders of 80’s short hair. But she grew up and became more womanly and became one of America’s best Friends. Well, sometime around 1997, she dated rocker musician Adam Duritz aka that guy from Counting Crows with the fake dreadlocks. Yes, he has fake dreads and has been sporting them for about a decade now. I don’t know how those two ended up together. Before him, she dated Michael Keaton and afterwards she married David Arquette. Where the guy with the fake dreads fit in, I don’t know. I guess they had some kind of connection, beyond the surface. But it wasn’t enough to keep them together and now, she’s a Video-Ex as she appeared in:

Song 682- “A Long December” by Counting Crows