1 Sep

My look at the new TV season continues with ABC. ABC is my hit or miss channel. If I’m watching something on NBC, I’m completely enthralled or I completely don’t give a damn. For a while Lost, Extreme Makeover and Desperate Housewives were all shows that I was completely enthralled with. And shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars and Ugly Betty all fell under the I don’t give a damn. Now, Makeover has fallen into the damn section while Lost and Housewives have fell into a special category called Let’s Wait for DVD. So my hopes for watching ABC in 2008-09 are awfully low. Then there are the new shows. There’s “Life on Mars” which is a time travel/ cop show/ BBC remake. That worries me. And then there’s “Opportunity Knocks” which is a talent show which the world really doesn’t need more of after The Gong Show and America’s Got Vomit…oops, Talent. And oh yeah, ABC has Scrubs now. I’m not watching ABC this year, am I? Probably not. Sigh.

So what about music? Well, Grey’s Anatomy is still on the air. Back in the day, it used to have a theme song and the theme song rocked. It was by the band Psapp. I’ve spoken about Psapp at post #150 and #427, so you can find out more about the toytronica duo in those posts. Here, just enjoy the theme song and think about how much it sucks that TV shows don’t have theme songs anymore, thusly losing a valuable multimedia aspect.

Song 659- “Cosy in the Rocket” by Psapp

Ugh, I am very worried about my TV prospects so far. Is there any show on these two networks (ABC & CBS) that you guys feel that I really show try or perhaps give another chance?


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