2 Sep

The CW…the station that was created out of two stations that I used to like alot. I watched many UPN shows and WB shows. Having them both in one place sounded like a dream come true. But as the CW gets older, it appeals to my demographic less and less. And now, I’m unsure about watching the CW at all. So they got rid of Beauty and the Geek. The “social experiment” was entertaining early on but once they changed the format it fell flat. They got rid of WWE Smackdown, which was their top rated show. They feel that they want more female viewers so they toss away the boy stuff. They cancelled Girlfriends. It wasn’t a show I watched but they could’ve at least given it a finale episode. It did run for 8 seasons. They kept Smallville but lost Lex Luthor. Instead they are going to have Superman deal with a bad girl named Tess, which I find hilarious. The WB used to show Roswell and Roswell had a bad girl Tess too. Blonde hair, striking eyes, evil girl. (Smallville’s Tess is on the left)

I’m a step away from making today’s song “History Repeating” by the Avalanches. But I will move on. So, they also decided to keep America’s Next Top Model which I do watch but lately, it’s become like watching the Mole. You spend the whole season going “So, who do you think was planted by Tyra to win the whole thing”. I’m still bitter about the Saleisha thing. The Whitney season made for good TV though, so I’m split. What I’m not split about is the whole Gossip Girl/90210 v.2/Privileged thing. Not for me at all. They are shooting for a complete different demographic and I, being 30 and having a penis, am not in that demographic. It makes me worry for the one show I’m sure I will be watching on the CW- Supernatural.

I’ve went on long enough about the CW. It’s time for a song. Supernatural always uses music well. And the unofficial theme song of last season was “Carry On My Wayward Son” and seeing it used in all their vignettes reminded me of just how badass Kansas could be when they aren’t singing about “Dust in the Wind”.

Song 660- “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas

10kdays trivia- last year in September, I was doing my United States of Music theme where I talked about a different band from each state. On September 3rd, which state did I talk about? Kansas. But I didn’t post a Kansas song, I chose a Rasputina song instead.

Here’s one of the Supernatural vignettes:


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