6 Sep

Being a member of Songfight and doing reviews of songs, I have told people that their song is too long. And often it is true. Sometimes a song will drag on too long and stop being interesting. But for the next few days, I wanna look at the long song. These are not 2:42 perfect pop songs. The songs for the next few days are going 6+. And first up is some Metallica. They are band that never shys away from the long song. In fact, on their last album “Saint Anger”, their shortest song was 5:13 seconds long. Their new album, Death Magnetic, has a shortest song of 5:01. The next shortest comes in at 6:25. Yep, that means the new Metallica album has 9 songs that are over 6 minutes long. Now, that wouldn’t usually bode well in the world of 3 minute singles but the world is changing. Metallica’s first single from the album clocks in at 4 seconds short of 8 minutes. Years ago, that would be death because radio wouldn’t wanna play it. But radio is dying and people live in the iPods where a song that long is okay. And this song has a lot of good stuf to it. You hit that 5 and 1/2 minute mark and the band goes instrumental and shows why they have their place in the musical hierarchy. Take a listen (but don’t watch the vid. Thomas Vinterberg…I have no idea what you were thinking when you put the video together but I think you really missed the mark by leaps and bounds.)

Song 664- “The Day That Never Comes” by Metallica


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