11 Sep

First and foremost, a giant happy birthday to the kinderlings.

And now back to the theme. Rocking out is the current theme and its what I’ve doing the most when it comes to my general listening. I have spent a lot of time with the recent Made Out of Babies album. But also, I have drifted into quite a few harder songs. I have been listening to Devildriver, The Numbeer 12 Looks Like You, Mastodon, Celtic Frost and some others. A song that has been lingering in my jukebox is by Norma Jean. Norma Jean is a Christian metal band. I may not be at all religious but I’m not going to let someone else’s decision to express their faith get in the way of enjoying good music. And I enjoy what Norma Jean brings to the table. I started listening to them back when mp3.com just gave away mp3s. Remember that 5 years ago! I was big into “The Human Face, Divine” and I was fascinated in the way the band brought all the grind of heavy metal but since had just enough, the bare minimum, of melody to grab my interest. And the song that I have on my playlist has been doing just that. Below is a live video which isn’t as good, so go find the album version. Go out and rock.

Song 670- “A Grand Scene For A Color Film” by Norma Jean


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