13 Sep

A hurt arm hindered me from posting yesterday (slipped on a metal grating, there was blood, there is pain). But now I’m back and ready to get back into the rocking-out theme. Action Camp certainly fits the bill. They describe themselves as jazz boy meets electronic girl. Where does that fit into the rocks out theme? For some reason, the mix results into some mind blowing rock. They recently released a covers only album called “Cover Like Tan”. Each of the songs that Action Camp do strays from the original and breaks new ground. Sometimes they go to a more mellow route like turning Motley Crue’s “Too Young To Fall in Love” into a ballad. But other times, they take a song and make the rock. Take for instance the way they handle the Gloria Gaynor classic “I will survive”. Cake may have turned this song into an alternative rock classic but Action Camp brought some staccato guitar and spicy drumwork to bring the rock to this one. If this song would’ve sounded like this from the get go, the 70’s would’ve been very different. Where’s the delorean when I need it?

Song 671- “I Will Survive” by Action Camp


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