14 Sep

I’m shocked that I have never talked about Deadsy in 10kdays. They are a band that I have often enjoyed and they certainly fulfill the requirement for this current theme- they certainly bring the rock. Which is kind of surprising when you think about the fact that the lead singer is P. Exeter Blue aka Elijah Blue Allman. He’s the son of Cher and there is nothing rocking about Cher. I’ve heard the Mooney Suzuki cover Cher and they covered the band Cher song there is- “Just Like Jesse James”. Yes, I said that was the best Cher song. What else would be? “Believe” Yuck. “Halfbreed” was okay. “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” maybe. But I still think she never did anything better than “Just Like Jesse James”. Anyway, the Mooney Suzuki covered it and it sucked ass. They couldn’t even get it to rock and they are the f’n Mooney Suzuki. But somehow her son can bring the rock. Gregg Allman’s genes must be strong. Deadsy doesn’t sound at all like the Allman Bros. though. They are all about mixing the rock and the electronica. I dedicate today’s song to my housemate Sal as she is a linguist and as a linguist…

Song 672- “She Likes Big Words” by Deadsy


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