19 Sep

One thing I have to always praise the VMAs for is the performances. The awards can be suspect at times but the performances tend to be better. The Britney “Gimme More” fiasco not included, of course. I actually went to the VMA’s Opening Act back in 1997. The wife (who wasn’t the wife yet) and I watched as the Foo Fighters rocked out atop the marquee of Radio City Music Hall (It was also the night that Pat Smear left the band). It was quite the performance. This year’s show didn’t fail. Sure, it had it’s share of hokey stuff like Pink’s performance of “So What” (I’d rather watch the music video which I’m bound to talk about after this theme is over, since I’m fascinated by it) and the Jonas Brothers (ack!). But they also had some well done stuff. For instance, they took the concept of T.I.’s video for “Whatever You Like” and figured out how to make it into a live performance. Plus they added in Chanta Patton, who is basically Vanessa Hudgens for those who wanna look and not feel like a pedophile.


Then there was Paramore. Not only did they completely confirm for me that Hayley Williams is Jem come to life, but they had a great performance with the help of a little TV trickery. Here they are live from the Whiskey a Go-Go…

Song 677- “Misery Business” by Paramore


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