21 Sep

Putting your spouse into your music video. It’s a classic but is it mixing business and pleasure? For some it leaves you with a music video with an ex in it. And that’s the new theme- Video-Ex. The first video I wanna talk about, the one that inspired this theme, is a slightly different deal. P!nk recently separated from her husband of 2 years, Carey Hart. Now, a break-up often leads to a situation where a person needs to heal and find some closure. Pink found an interesting way to do so. First she made the song “So What” which starts with the lines- “Guess I just lost my husband/ I don’t know where he went”. The song isn’t all about her split but it’s clearly a song made by someone who needs some closure. But the craziest part of it all was yet to come as somehow she convinced her ex to appear in the music video. Wow, they must still be very close because it takes a lot to get someone to appear in the video for a song with a ton of veiled references to their recent break-up and in a video where the references aren’t veiled at all. It’s an interesting way to get over it all. Kudos to them.

Song 679- “So What” by P!nk


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