24 Sep

There are often times in life when you look at a couple and you say…how did those two end up together. Look at me and my wife for instance. She’s 5 feet tall. I’m about 6’3″. At first glance you may wonder, how did they end up together. You have to look beyond the surface. And I guess the same can be said for the couple in today’s post. One is a girl who I swore was a boy when I was kid. That someone is Courteney Cox. I’ve saw that Bruce Springsteen video as a kid and said to myself “hey, he pulled a boy out of the crowd”. Yes, the wonders of 80’s short hair. But she grew up and became more womanly and became one of America’s best Friends. Well, sometime around 1997, she dated rocker musician Adam Duritz aka that guy from Counting Crows with the fake dreadlocks. Yes, he has fake dreads and has been sporting them for about a decade now. I don’t know how those two ended up together. Before him, she dated Michael Keaton and afterwards she married David Arquette. Where the guy with the fake dreads fit in, I don’t know. I guess they had some kind of connection, beyond the surface. But it wasn’t enough to keep them together and now, she’s a Video-Ex as she appeared in:

Song 682- “A Long December” by Counting Crows


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