29 Sep

Yesterday I had to write and run because I couldn’t use my computer battery. It was a quick post, so let me say a little something about yesterday’s song. It was “Raise Kaiko” by Onmyouza. I’ve spoken about the band before in post #271. Raise Kaiko is an amazingly beautiful ballad that highlights Kuroneko’s haunting vocals. Onmyouza often splits their sound between male and female vocals. This time, it’s all about her and it makes for a brilliant song. I just wish I knew what the words meant!! If any reader can translate the song for me, I’d appreciate it.

Now onto a new theme. I tried to do a music video director theme on the Malloys but failed. I think I’ll try again but this time, a look at the work of Dean Karr. He is a great director for making the disturbing look slick and cool. His work isn’t as glossy as Samuel Bayer’s. It doesn’t have the humorous charm of the Malloys. His work is more similar to another director I’ve written about Floria Sigismundi, expect his work has very different feel to it. The first video I wanna talk about is one he did for the Distillers. He decided to take the band and place them in a sewer. The results was a dark vision that fit the song perfectly. And yet somehow was able to keep Brody Dalle looking hot. Dean Karr does have vision.

Brody Dalle

Song 687- “Drain the Blood” by the Distillers


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