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31 Oct

Happy Halloween!

Song 719- “Happy Hallowe’en” by Die So Fluid



30 Oct

The now and then theme is all over and it’s a day away from Halloween. So I have no idea what to do for the next theme, so I’m just gonna relax and do a non-themed day. Before I talk about today’s song, here’s a little extra- As I have said before, I love me some Made Out of Babies and so does the person who does the blog Brooklyn Vegan. Well, out in NYC, it’s CMJ time. And MOoB did a show and rocked as usual. Here’s some footage of them doing “Mr. Prison Shanks”:

Okay, now onto the song for today. I’ve decided to do another musical trip to Japan and a look on the album charts brought me to a band called 9mm Parabellum Bullet and like many other bands that I love from Japan, they bring the guitar driven rock. They bring a lot of energy to their music. I see them and I think what would happen if the Mars Volta and the Strokes became one band. It’s big haired cool rock. The guitars aren’t as technically brilliant as the Mars Volta, but they are groovier than the Strokes. Mix the two and you get, 9mm Parabellum Bullet

Song 718- “Vampiregirl” by 9mm Parabellum Bullet


29 Oct

It’s the final day of my Now/Then theme. And now, my final “NOW”. And I’m choosing singer Janelle Monae. She’s an odd singer that can be found on, of all places, Bad Boy Records. Her sound is nothing like that of Bad Boy’s notorious leader P. Diddy. She has a sound that is one part Noisettes and one part Andre 3000. Something else that I need to add into that equation is some science fiction. Her songs are crazy narratives and as someone who is currently trying his hand at writing a concept album, I can really appreciate her storytelling by song. The song (and a half) that I chose for today is the tale of a cyborg who falls in love with a human, an act that is against the law and gets her hunted down by bounty hunters who want her “cybersoul”, in Running Man fashion. All that in a song that has a definite “Hey Ya” influence. How can you go wrong?

Song 717- “March of the Wolfmasters/Violet Stars Happy Hunting” by Janelle Monae]

(note that the video lacks the March…)

Here’s an extra rocked out live performance.


28 Oct

Serial killing bus drivers. It doesn’t exactly sound like the theme of a song from the very socially conscious Pearl Jam. But I have it on one of my old mixtapes. Back in the day, at a time when Pearl Jam still ruled the rock world, all they radio I listen to was littered with Pearl Jam B-sides and Demos. “Ten” and “Vs.” were not enough for rabid fans. They dug deeper and got into great Pearl Jam covers like “Sonic Reducer” and “I’ve Got A Feeling”. They joined the fan club so they could get copies of songs like “Let Me Sleep”. And then there was “Dirty Frank”. “Dirty Frank” is a raucous Pearl Jam that was the B-side to “Even Flow”. It rocked like other Pearl Jam songs, but it wasn’t like “Jeremy”. This was a simple “what if” tale- “What if Jeffrey Dahmer was a bus driver”. It’s the band playing funky and just having fun. I miss that era of Pearl Jam.

“Lose weight. Be safe. Where’s Mike McCready? My God he’s been ate!”

Song 716- “Dirty Frank” by Pearl Jam


27 Oct

A recent trip to The End Records website (home to my favorite band, Made Out of Babies) led me to find a great band for today’s NOW post, a continuation of the THEN/NOW theme. The band is called Agalloch. They are named after Agarwood trees which are known as “the Wood of the Gods”. And I think it’s fitting. Not only is the band from Portland but they are also a progressive metal band and the sound screams out lost in the woods. It’s got fear and darkness ingrained in the music. It’s an aural experience.


Song 715- “Falling Snow” by Agalloch


26 Oct

It’s Then #4 in my Now & Then theme. I’ve grabbed another old cassette out of the rack, dusted it off and I’m fascinated by the contents. It’s got a bunch of songs I have already mentioned in 10kdays like “Backlash” by Joan Jett and Paul Westerburg (Post #231), “Monsters and Angels” by Voice of the Beehive (Post #453), and “No More Tears” by Ozzy Osbourne (Post #588). So this cassette does represent a musical time that still resonates with me. So what’s with the live Garth Brooks songs? In the midst of a cassette full of Depeche Mode, live Nirvana and live Megadeth, I was a little stunned to find a couple of live Garth Brooks songs. But a little reminiscing made me realize what was up. I’m a former New Yorker and about that same time, Garth Brooks had done a huge concert in Central Park. The hype was enormous and I got swept up in it. I had already formed the opinion that hair metal and country were related. That’s an opinion that doesn’t set well with some. But look: “Wanted Dead or Alive”=country. “Every Rose Has its Thorn”=country. “Once Bitten Twice Shy”, the original=not country, the Great White version=kinda country. The only thing they lack is some southern accents and fiddles. Anyway, I got caught up in the whole Garth Brooks can rock thing. The commercials had him smashing acoustic guitars together and he had that whole “Hard Luck Woman” Kiss cover thing. In retrospect, it was a lot of hype. He didn’t rock that hard but the songs weren’t half bad. It’s still worth a listen.

Song 714- “The Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks (live in Central Park)


25 Oct

Then and Now continues here at 10kdays with another “NOW” and the newest band to make a big impression on me is The Gaslight Anthem. It was a couple of weeks ago and I was just about to go to sleep. For some reason, I was mindlessly channel surfing and I hit Fuse and there was the video for the song “The ’59 Sound” and I immediately connected with it. The next morning I knew I had to get the song. Lucky for me, Fuse was giving it away for free. A quick download later and I was happily giving the song spins. And it was one of those songs that you feel like you instantly know all the words too. After three spins, I felt like I was ready to go on “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” and handle a Gaslight Anthem round. Then I delved further into their catalog and began listening to songs like “Miles Davis and the Cool” and “Old White Lincoln” and I was hooked. There is something about the band’s sound. It’s definitely derived from an older time but it has all the contemporary trappings. Anyway you slice it, I’m really glad I stumbled across this band.

Song 713- “The ’59 Sound” by the Gaslight Anthem