3 Oct

Wow, I’m already at the end of the Dean Karr theme. It seemed to go by so quickly. I guess time flies when you are watching good music videos. Now it’s time for my favorite Dean Karr video. And there are many many great choices to choose from. Dean Karr’s videography includes the video that put Marilyn Manson on the map, “Sweet Dreams”; one of the first big hits of the Deftones, “My Own Summer”; the epic “Don’t Drink the Water” by Dave Matthews Band; and countless others. In fact, looking at a list of his videos, I changed my mind over which video I was going to put here as my favorite. I was going to choose his work on Ozzy Osbourne’s “I Just Want You” but then I saw that he had made the video for Filter’s “Jurassitol”. Jurassitol was off the soundtrack of the Crow 2 and Dean Karr found some ingenious ways to mix up the movie’s imagery into a disturbing vision that would go along with the energy of the song. The sight of Richard Patrick laying in a room full of candles screaming “Hey old man, got something for you!” is all you need to get dragged in.

Song 691- “Jurassitol” by Filter


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