6 Oct

I maybe quite knowledgeable about music but there are still areas that I don’t know that much about. One is the Sex Pistols. Yes, there are fifteen year olds who are watching Sid and Nancy right now. But for me, I don’t know much about the Sex Pistols other than the basics. Why? Because I didn’t enjoy them until recently. I never got into the Sex Pistols growing up (except for “Anarchy in the UK” and that was mostly because of covers). And then there was PiL. That didn’t help matters for me when it came to building interest. But times have changed and I have begun to dig the Sex Pistols and thus have learned a bit more about the band and they certainly have had one of rock’s ugliest break-ups. Sid Vicious got deep into the drugs and that pissed off the already cantankerous Johnny Rotten. Sid then self-destructed in amazing fashion while Johnny began to pull away from the rest of the band. Add in many fights between Rotten and the band’s manager and the band was on the verge of an explosion. When it finally happened, Rotten quit the band and the band abandoned him in the states without a penny.

“The Sex Pistols left me, stranded in LA with no ticket, no hotel room and a message to Warner Bros saying that if anyone phones up claiming to be Johnny Rotten, then they were lying.”- Johnny Rotten


Song 694- “Bodies” by the Sex Pistols


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