11 Oct

One of my favorite covers of all time is by a goth group called Dreadful Shadows. The song that they decided to cover was an interesting choice- “Twist in my Sobriety” by Tanita Tikaram. The original came out in the late 80’s. Tikaram was a 19 year old born in Germany who got worldwide notice for the song. It was a very melancholy song which started off with a quote from Maya Angelou (“All God’s children need traveling shoes). The music video for the song was a dramatic black and white piece shot in rural Bolivia and was full of shots of lives full of hardship. What made a German goth band pick up this song and synthesize it and make it into an incredible piece of darkwave that wouldn’t miss a beat being played between London After Midnight and Nosferatu? I do not know but I am happy that they did. The song was only a bonus track on their album, The Cycle, but the song was so strong (their arrangement brings out the verses better, in my opinion while the original is stronger on the chorus) that it has become, for many, Dreadful Shadows’ claim to fame.

Song 699- “Twist in my Sobriety” by Dreadful Shadows


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