18 Oct

What’s going on in the news today. Well, Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorcing. Yawn. I’m not writing about that. There’s a Walmart in small towns in China. That’s not worth mentioning. Hmmm. W is in theaters. But I’ve already talked enough politics in this theme. It’s a slow weekend. So how about something a little more light hearted. Lego has decided to team up with Cartoon Network in an attempt to sell more of Lego’s Bionicle toys. They made their first big step in this venture yesterday with a 90 second music video commercial during their CN’s highly rated Friday night line-up. What is a Bionicle, you ask? They are Lego robot creatures. They’ve been around for about 8 years and they are fairly successful toys around the 8 to 12 year old boy set. I know if I was a kid around my sons age, I would’ve been playing with Bionicles. It’s like having Transformers mixed with Alien mixed with Lego. They are a little grotesque, very interactive and have a huge mythos. As a dad with two boys who play with these toys, I can’t keep up with the huge mythology Lego has built around this line. In fact Lego has made some very big steps around this toy line including graphic novels, video games and the aforementioned music video. But this is not your run of the mill music. They didn’t decide to go cute for the kids. They brought some real rock to this. Check it out below and tell me if this is anywhere close to what you would imagine the music for something Lego related would be?


Song 706- “Closer to the Truth” by Cryoshell


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