19 Oct

It’s the last day of my current events theme and it’s a lazy Sunday. Sure, Sarah Palin was on SNL and it was funny to see her made fun of as she just sat there and took it like a champ (though it earns her no brownie points with me as Amy “10 Months Pregnant” Poehler and Alec Baldwin did all the work). But I have no desire to talk more politics. So what’s happening at the box office. The big winner was Max Payne. I’m not surprised as video game movies often start off well and then peter off. Max Payne shouldn’t be any different. I’m not disparaging the cast that includes Mark Wahlberg (who can impress), Mila Kunis (who fills in the hottie quotient), Beau Bridges and Chris Bridges (that’s Ludacriss), but this is a film based on a game that was as deep as a can of Sprite. But at least the trailers looked good and they included a nifty little Marilyn Manson song. Tomorrow, a new theme….

Song 707- “If I Was Your Vampire” by Marilyn Manson


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