20 Oct

It’s time for another new theme. Unlike my usual themes that go 5 days, this one is going 10. It’s called Then and Now. I’m going to go back and forth between Then entries and Now entries. The Now Entries will feature new songs that I’ll really into. The Then entries are going to be songs that I pick by digging into my old cassette collection. Yes, cassettes! Stay Analog!

First up, a Then. I used to make a lot of mixtapes off the radio. Let’s see what I can find. I grabbed a cassette and found some classics I hadn’t heard in a long time. The tape has “The Dogs of Lust” by The The (I loved the ridiculous name), “Love You More” by Sunscream (I remember buying the CD single for that one) and “Flex” by Mad Cobra (I had just begun opening up my eyes to reggae). And I found a song I hadn’t heard in eons: “Like A Drug” by They Eat Their Own.

This song was one of my favorites. It’s an amazing song that greatly influenced me as a growing musician and I think that in some way, I still look for this formula. It’s got great female vocals, provocative lyrics, great simple guitars…it’s all put together so well. I’m so happy I started this theme. I missed this song.

Song 708- “Like A Drug” by They Eat Their Own


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