22 Oct

It’s time for another “THEN” post and I picked quite a cassette. It starts off with Smashing Pumpkins’ “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”. That’s a classic rocker. And there are some other really good ones on this tape like “Stone the Crow” by Down (such powerful rock), “Pure Massacre” by Silverfish (they really were little Nirvana), “Perry Mason” by Ozzy (What was he thinking, writing a song about Perry Mason?) and “Ridiculous Thoughts” by the Cranberries (which I’ve posted about before). One interesting tune I found is “Cannon” by Self. I grew to admire the band Self 5 years after Cannon when they realized the album “Gizmodgery” which was all done with toys as instruments. This was way before that genius album but you could still find sparks of brilliance. For instance, the guitar solo on Cannon was like nothing else around at the time. The song had this feeling of Beck meets the Breeders. Definitely, a great forgotten song.

Song 710- “Cannon” by Self


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