29 Oct

It’s the final day of my Now/Then theme. And now, my final “NOW”. And I’m choosing singer Janelle Monae. She’s an odd singer that can be found on, of all places, Bad Boy Records. Her sound is nothing like that of Bad Boy’s notorious leader P. Diddy. She has a sound that is one part Noisettes and one part Andre 3000. Something else that I need to add into that equation is some science fiction. Her songs are crazy narratives and as someone who is currently trying his hand at writing a concept album, I can really appreciate her storytelling by song. The song (and a half) that I chose for today is the tale of a cyborg who falls in love with a human, an act that is against the law and gets her hunted down by bounty hunters who want her “cybersoul”, in Running Man fashion. All that in a song that has a definite “Hey Ya” influence. How can you go wrong?

Song 717- “March of the Wolfmasters/Violet Stars Happy Hunting” by Janelle Monae]

(note that the video lacks the March…)

Here’s an extra rocked out live performance.


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