1 Nov

It’s almost time for the election! The race is almost over. Thank goodness. This has been such a drama laden campaign. I’m not at all a politico and even I got swept up in it all. So for the next 4 days, the theme is the presidential race (and I will try to stay impartial). First up, the Republican side of things. They have certainly seen some ugly things. Could the media trash Sarah Palin any more than they did in this race? She’s taken everything from Tina Fey sketches to crank calls. About the only thing they didn’t do was dig up a sex tape of her and Bin Laden. And McCain took his share of ugly hits too, like the classic bad photo:

The Republicans have tried to run a solid race, emphasizing the fact that McCain is a vet and has done his share of going against the political grain. But, there have been an awful lot of controversies that sprung up. They surely have lost a hell of a lot of ground, especially in the land of public opinion. How will they do in a few days is still up in the air.

Musically, the McCain campaign has had all sorts of trouble as they have been using music without getting the okay of the artists. But his rallies are still full of a lot of music. I wonder how the late James Brown would feel knowing that his music is a rally staple. Would he join the long line of musicians who don’t wanna their music involved in the campaign?

Song 720- “Living in America” by James Brown


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