5 Nov

Finally the race is over. Obama is the president-elect and it’s a great day for America. It’s also my birthday, so it double rocks today. Tomorrow, I’ll start a new theme and get back into the swing of things but today I’m just going to chill out and enjoy the good day. And I’ll enjoy with the new Fatboy Slim. He’s going under one of his many psuedonyms, The BPA, and has released a piece of pure pop goodness with the help of the wonderful Emmy the Great (a singer that I’m shocked that I’ve never spoken of before in this blog, despite loving her work). The song is a perfect song for today because it’s all about America. In the song, there’s the lyric “You find a new day dawning every single morning in America”. That’s not true but it was certainly true today.

Song 723- “Seattle” by The Brighton Port Authority feat. Emmy the Great


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