7 Nov

Currently, I’m working on doing some animated short films as a surprise for my kids. That has inspired me to do a theme all about animated music videos. First, allow me to start off with a music video that is using the same style of animation that I’m using. Sum 41’s “Hell Song” video (directed by Mark Klasfeld) is done all in toys. It’s definitely got a childhood feel as there are present hands and a lot of humor. The video gathers up a bunch of musical toys like the Todd McFarlene Angus Young figure and the N’Sync marionettes and brought them all together for a Sum 41 concert. Hilarity ensues including a face-off between Jesus and Marilyn Manson (circa: Mechanical Animals aka Manson’s got tits!). It’s a well done funny video. The animation is cheap and cheesy but it’s a simple joy which is kind of what I’m trying to convey with what I’m doing. I’m trying to refine the film I’m doing a little more (going the way of “Action League Now” just without the stop-motion). But even though it’s unrefined, the Sum 41 video is just plain fun and you’ve gotta love that.

Song 725- “The Hell Song” by Sum 41


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