11 Nov

There are a few different paths I could go with the last post of this theme about puppets in music videos. Now, I could do “Land of Confusion” by Genesis which had all the Spitting Image puppets. I enjoyed that as a kid but I’m going to go a different route. I could write about one of the puppet videos I’ve never seen before like Supergrass’ “Pumping On Your Stereo” which seems like a cool video but the fact is is that I don’t really know the song. I think the best way to finish this theme is with Sifl and Olly. Fellow song-a-day blogger could tell you much more about Sifl & Olly than I ever could (as he’s even met the man behind the show), so I will simply say that S&O was a brilliant and hilarious sockpuppet show for adults. It ran in the late 90’s on MTV and still to this day, the jokes register with me in huge ways. If you have never seen this show, you have missed seeing something that is unhindered raw comedy. Remember Wayne’s World and how funny it was at the time. Okay, now make them sockpuppets. Now take away the topical comedy and the cheesy metal style and worn out catchphrases. Replace them with an almost Forrest Gump-ian view of the world- anything is possible, nothing is forbidden. The result is a joy to behold and that is Sifl and Olly (at least in my humble opinion). And it had Precious Roy. One of the best shows ever. And there was songs!

Song 729- “She’s a Carrot” by Sifl & Olly


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