12 Nov

Ah, the puppet theme is now done and I’m off in search of a new theme. The puppet theme was awfully hard, so I think I deserve something a little less research intensive. So, I think it’s time to do another tribute to a music video director. This time around a look at the wonderful work of Howard Greenhalgh. Never heard of him, have you? He’s not one of the biggest names in the industry. He’s not as instantly notable like Hype Williams, Samuel Bayer or Mark Romanek, but it doesn’t mean that his work isn’t worth noticing. In fact, he’s made some truly great music videos including one of my absolute favorite music videos of all-time (but I’ll save that song for the last post).

As you grow up there are distinct memories that stay with you. First kisses, graduations, etc. And then there are the odd memories that linger of moments that were just normal moments but they stayed special in your mind for some unknown reason. I have one memory of sitting in an airport lounge. I was going on a trip to Panama and my parents were doing all the preparation and basically needed me just to sit down and be out of the way. So I did and as I did, I caught sight of a television in an airplane bar and there I saw my first Howard Greenhalgh music video. It was a song that I had loved and there was it’s visual form laid out for me- a dark vision filed with disembodied shots of women, their legs just strutting across the screen while the band’s leader affectionately sings into the microphone. I was awestruck.

Looking back, the video was very 80’s in some ways but it’s still very cool and does foreshadow some later work in Greenhalgh’s career.

Song 730- “So Alive” by Love and Rockets


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