14 Nov

Placebo isn’t the only band that has used Howard Greenhalgh’s directing prowess on a number of occasions. He’s responsible for 11 videos for the Pet Shop Boys. But I will admit I’m not a big fan of his work with the Pet Shop Boys. He also did several videos for the Spice Girls and their solo incarnations. I’m not a big Spice Girls fan (though I will commend Melanie C for having Grog in her backup band and commend Geri Halliwell for being Geri Halliwell) so I won’t talk about those videos. He also did a lot of work with Enigma. Enigma is an interesting group. The basic idea of the band was to mix electronica with classical and world sounds. With having such a unique sound, they needed a vision to go along with that. Greenhalgh created three videos for singles off of Enigma’s “MCMXC AD” album. By melding new age imagery with the effects and video imagery of the time, he helped create what would be recognized as Enigma’s visual style.

Song 732- “Mea Culpa” by Enigma


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