15 Nov

I recently organized a tribute to the band INXS over at Songfight. Growing up, a trip to Blockbuster would usual wind up with a couple of Nintendo games and an INXS video (or Cinderella, the metal band not the Disney movie). INXS is a band that I have always loved. I can remember going to flea markets in Pennsylvania and picking up old INXS cassettes and learning that INXS has always been a good band. I came in at Kick (like a lot of people) and quickly went back and started listening to “Listen Like Thieves” and “Shabooh Shoobah”. Another vivid INXS memory I have is from 1992. It was an Olympics year and Coca-Cola did a promotion where they showed a different music video every night of the games. Very few of the songs stuck with me. One was Hammer’s “Gaining Momentum”, just because it was a Hammer song from “2 Legit 2 Quit” that I could stand to hear. The other one was an INXS song. It stuck with me because it was a great song and it had a great video done by Howard Greenhalgh.

Song 733- “Not Enough Time” by INXS


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