17 Nov

It’s new theme time and I just finished watching Heroes, so I figure maybe I can mix up music and comics and somehow come up with a theme. So this is Comic Rock, five days of music that is in some way shape or form comic book related.

My eldest son has recently been enjoying reading Tintin comics that he’s been taking out of his school’s library. I’ve never partaken in any Tintin, but then again, it seems that the books are far more popular outside the United States. But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying something Tintin related.

These guys are Thomson and Thompson, a pair of detectives found in TinTin. They are also the origin for the name of a band that I used to love in the 80’s- The Thompson Twins. In fact, I had a damn hard time choosing which song of theirs to write about. I think I may have to look into some more Thompson Twins for future posts. I forgot just how much I enjoyed songs like “Hold Me Now”, “Love On Your Side” and…

Song 735- “Doctor, Doctor” by Thompson Twins


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