24 Nov

After Vermillion Lies came the opening band that I knew that was performing, the Builders and the Butchers. I had seen them on YouTube performing in a video that looked like it was shot in someone’s backyard. It was quite a good performance and seemed like a lot of fun. But I said to myself, “I bet they won’t be that fun live”. I was thinking that was the situation that was making the performance so good. It took the band all of ten seconds to prove me wrong. That’s about when Alex Ellis’ acoustic bass kicked in and started rattling in our chests and the two drummers (Ray Rude & Paul Seely) started into their flow. Then the mandolin player (Harvey Tumbleson) kicked in and started playing it as if it were a guitar. And then Ryan Sollee started singing and it was off and running. During Amanda Palmer’s performance, the crowd took in the spectacle but with the Builders and the Butchers, they rocked out. There was just so much energy, it was contagious. They made a fan out of me that night.

Song 742- “Bottom of the Lake” by the Builders and the Butchers

(Footage from the Philly show last weekend!)


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