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30 Dec

With great sadness, we reach this point in the year where we look back on the musicians who have passed away. There have been many losses and honestly I don’t know all the musicians who passed but here are some of the ones whose passing has effected my musical world.

Buddy Miles
Jeff Healey
Sean LeVert
Bo Diddley
Hiram Bullock
Isaac Hayes
LeRoi Moore
Richard Wright
Gidget Gein
Levi Stubbs
Dee Dee Warwick
Frank Navetta
Jimmy Carl Black
Mitch Mitchell
Munetaka Higuchi
Eartha Kitt

The most shocking of those was the sudden passing of LeRoi Moore. He had gotten into an ATV accident on his farm in June. He was never able to recover and passed away from complications two months later. Moore was a member of the Dave Matthews Band and as their saxophone, he was an integral part of creating their signature sound. His presence will definitely be missed.

To all the musicians who passed this year…may you keep on rocking in the afterlife.

Song 774- “American Baby” by Dave Matthews Band



29 Dec

Another band that made quite an impact this year for me was Cobra Starship. And yet, it seems that I have never made a mention of them in 10kdays! Cobra Starship is a band that I got into because of the song “Snakes on a Plane”. I loved the concept of Snakes on a Plane and never ended up seeing the movie. But I did play the hell out of the theme song. Well, the original Cobra Starship was basically just Gabe Saporta (the bassist of a band called Midtown). But it evolved into a full band and they put out the album “While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets”. That album didn’t do a lot to peak my interests. But then they came out with a second album with a catchy single called “This City is at War”, which had a brilliant music video. I felt i needed to get the album “Viva La Cobra”. And then I did a very interesting experiment. I refused to listen to it all the way through. Instead I parceled it out myself throughout the year. It was like I had a set of singles and I was releasing them on my own personal radio station. It worked and it kept the Cobra Starship product fresh throughout the year and now I listen to the whole album through with a deeper love for each song on its own, while getting into them as a whole.

Song 773- “Kiss My Sass” by Cobra Starship


28 Dec

The critics all have their favorites for the year and some of them I agree with and many I don’t. For instance, I love Portishead but I have no love so far for “Third”. But a lot of the critics have high rankings for Santogold which I can completely agree with. The Santogold album was the surprise hit of the year for me. When Santogold originally came out, I heard a lot of people referring to her as the poor man’s M.I.A. and I have a love/hate relationship with M.I.A. so I was very skeptical. Then she became the MTV Artist of the week and I saw Santogold for the first time and the look definitely didn’t catch my eye.

Santogold album cover

But then I gave “Creator” a chance and that was it. Game over. Santogold wins. I was blown over. It was a song full of such energy and it wasn’t like M.I.A. Hell, if I could figure out a way to describe it but I was into it. Then I started delving into the album deeper and found other energetic songs like “Guns of Brooklyn” and “L.E.S. Artistes”. Then I heard “I’m a Lady” and got blown away again. There was an unforeseen depth to Santogold’s music. And I’m so glad that I looked beyond the colorful spandex and all the hype and gave the music a chance. Definitely one of the best of the year.

Song 772- “Guns of Brooklyn” by Santogold


27 Dec

This has been a big year for Songfight. Every year I do a top 200 Songfight songs of the year. This year is easily going to be the hardest one to do because there has been such a wealth of good songs on the site. Other years may have had more fights but this one has had the quality. And when it comes to picking a Songfighter to choose as my focal point for this year end thread, I have a couple of choices. Johnny Cashpoint, Quimby (1/2 of Henrietta and the Hostage) and the Hell Yeahs all made solid returns to the Songfight landscape after brief absences while Melvin continued to wow with his musicianship that is second to none. Newcomers like Todd McHatton and Some Guy Called Noel added to Songfight’s growing library of exceptional tunes while i.p., Ross Durand, Glenn Case, Lonbobby and Gert all showed their veteran prowess with wins. We got new supergroups like the Berkeley Social Scene. We had new sidefights like the INXS Sidefight and the third edition of the Nur Ein. Like I said before, Songfight had a great year. And I think I will mark that year with a song from Billy’s Little Trip. An ever-present member of Songfight’s community, BLT came into his own this year, producing a lot of an album’s worth of great music that can be summed up very simply: it rocks with no quarter given.

Song 771- “Interesting Times” by Billy’s Little Trip f/ Paco del Stinko

Yes, I wrote the song I choose. There’s no posting rule against that….


26 Dec

What would my 2008 listening be like without Amanda Palmer. Whether as a part of the Dresden Dolls or as a solo artist, she has made a lot of spectacular music. I saw her in concert and it was a blast. And I started reading her blog and there are not a lot of musicians that I would read their blogs, at least out of the ones that I’ve seen. Now, here’s an interesting dilemma. Warner Brothers recently had themselves a giant snitfit and took down all their music videos from YouTube. That includes all the videos from Amanda Palmer and the Dresden Dolls, who are both on Roadrunner Records. Well, at least there are live performances and fan vids. (If I seem distracted, I am. It’s after Xmas and I’ve been playing Rock Band and I took some time out of the playing to blog. But my band awaits.)

Song 770- “Dear Jenny” by the Dresden Dolls


25 Dec

It’s Christmas and much to my surprise, I have a minute of two to do a post here at 10kdays. It’s the year end and now is the time where I look at some of the musicians that have make an impact on my year musically. Now I would love to talk about Made Out of Babies and how much of an impact their album The Ruiner has made on me. It is easily my album of the year. But since I have talked about every song from that album that has a video online that I know of, I’ll talk about another band that I really got into this year- The Brilliant Green. I love J-rock as any reader of this blog would know and I tried out a bunch of different albums and added a lot of great J-Rock artists to my jukebox including Sambomaster, 9mm Parabellum Bullet and Head Phones President. But no J-Rock artists earned more spins with me than BuriGuri (the fan nickname for the Brilliant Green). I got a hold of their singles collection which was released at the end of 2007 and it has kept me enthralled all year. I listen to it frequently and each time seem to find another song that I love. I know that’s impossible but there’s just so much good stuff to find and layers of it to discover. The standout track has probably been “Ash Like Snow” (see post #485) but coming in a close second is a song of theirs from 1999. With its charming broken english (that’s a hard statement to say but it’s true) and great musicianship, it’s an excellent tune.

Song 769- “Tsumetai Hana” by the Brilliant Green


24 Dec

Christmas time is here. Happiness and cheer. From Niveous and my family to all those in the blogosphere, Happy Holidays!

Song 768- “Oi to the World” by the Vandals