2 Dec

This has surely been an interesting trip this theme. I have never taken a serious look into the way that literature and music interplay with each other. During this theme I’ve looked at how Velvet Underground channeling Sacher-Masoch; Steinbeck fueled RATM; Living Colour invoking Orwell; and Rob Zombie taking a page from Burgess. And I bet that I could go on for a whole month with this theme. I haven’t touched upon stuff like Kate Bush singing “Wuthering Heights”. There’s Dire Straits doing “Romeo & Juliet”. How about Pat Benatar’s “Gravity’s Rainbow” album? And then there are all of the Lolita references out there. I must say that it surely has been an interesting theme. Tomorrow, I will start on a new theme in a similar vein- Myth and Music.

But I will end of with a simple lyrical reference in one of the songs that I have been enjoying greatly lately: “Clever alibis/ Lord of the flies/ Hit ‘em right between the eyes/ Hit ‘em right between the eyes”. The line is in “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” by the Offspring. Sure, the whole song isn’t about an island full of young British boys but you can see where the song’s themes mirror the themes in the song. Plus, the drumwork is awesome! So enjoy it and come back tomorrow where I’m going Greek and let my true inner geek shine.

Song 749- “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid” by The Offspring


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