7 Dec

So I’ve already talked about the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Celtic banshees, and the Greek story of Pygmalion (even though I’ll admit that Weird Science does stretch the myth a good deal). Today, a classic creature that has appeared in several different mythologies- the Phoenix. Many mythologies speak of firebirds and the most popular is the phoenix, the bird who can live forever by burning up at death and rising from the ashes. It appears in Egyptian myth (including the Book of the Dead) but gained its most noted name in Greek myths. There are also Christian, Jewish, Chinese, Russian, Persian and Roman references to the creature. With all those references, it’s no shock that it would make several musical appearances. There have been several bands called Phoenix or Fenix. And there have been many songs using Phoenix in the title including one by one of my favorite bands. Does it actually have to do with the mythological bird or use it as a metaphor. Well, it’s kind of hard to say. The lyrics to AFI songs are often up for interpretation. But one would think a song called “The Days of the Phoenix” would have something to do with the phoenix, right? Right?

Song 753- “The Days of the Phoenix” by AFI


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